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Proper Dietary Habits for Pets

Your pet's long-term health will be greatly dependent on its dietary habits. It is your responsibility as the pet owner, to oversee your pet's food and eating habits to ensure health and longevity. At Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital, we can help pet owners in Logan, UT, and the surrounding areas better understand their animals' dietary needs.

Diet Matters

The cells of your pet's body are made up of the food they eat. These cells need certain vitamins and nutrients in order to function properly. When those nutrients are not present, the cells cannot function properly. This will eventually start to affect your pet's health in a big way. Animals that do not have sufficient nutrients or animals that are allowed to eat things that are bad for them may have a shortened lifespan. You will need to talk with our vets to fully understand what can be done for an improperly fed pet, like an overweight pet that needs pet weight loss.

The type of food your pet will need can vary depending on its species and age. You should talk with our veterinarians to learn precisely what kind of pet food your animal needs. Dietary needs may change throughout your pet's life.

Eating Habits Matter

In addition to choosing the right food, it is also important that you promote healthy eating habits for your pet. This means putting your pet on a predictable feeding schedule. When animals have a predictable feeding schedule, it is better for their digestion. It can also be better for your schedule as well, because you will be able to schedule outdoor time, walks, or potty time according to the feeding routine. A regular feeding schedule also cuts down on overeating as well.

Things to Avoid

It is imperative that you get educated on what types of foods and substances are dangerous for your pet. Each species of animal will have a different list of toxic foods. Make sure anyone who cares for your pet is aware of these items. You should also avoid feeding your pet junk food or too much people food.

Contact Us for More Information from Our Vets or Veterinarians about Pet Weight Loss if You Have an Overweight Pet

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