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Are Herd or Flock Animals More Susceptible to Disease?

Although it’s debatable whether or not herd animals and flock animals are more susceptible to diseases overall, they are more prone to getting and dying from contagious diseases. This is because when they live in herds or flocks, the disease quickly spreads to every member. You can help protect your herd and flock from disease with help from our veterinarian at Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, UT.

Protection and Weakness in Numbers

One reason why herd and flock animal species have survived for millions of years is that there is protection in numbers. Many eyes are able to look out for predators. Unfortunately, they are not able to run away from disease. Their instinct to stay together means they all have close contact with each other. When one member of the herd catches a disease, it soon spreads to others.

Foot and Mouth Disease

An outbreak of foot and mouth disease devastated the UK agricultural industry in 2001. It was over in just two months. However, in those two months, over six million hooved animals died. Only about 2,000 died from foot and mouth. The other millions were slaughtered and burned to stop the spread of the disease. This was the first widespread outbreak since 1967, and there is still no other way to stop foot and mouth disease but to cull every animal on the farm.

Importance of Disease and Parasite Prevention

By the time signs of disease appear in one member of a flock or herd, it’s too late to prevent infection in the others. They’re all infected. Keeping to a strict disease and parasite prevention program helps protect your herd animals and flock animals. Our veterinarian can also help you find an area to isolate new or returning animals to stay for observation before they are returned to their flock or herd.

Our Veterinarian for Animals Large and Small in Logan, UT

If you have herd or flock animals, it’s important to keep to a regular health program. If you live in the Logan, UT, area, contact us at Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital by emailing [email protected] or by calling (435) 752-2151 to make an appointment today. We also do emergencies.