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Exotic Animals Treated at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital

When you think of a family pet, chances are you imagine a dog or cat. However, family pets come in all shapes and sizes, including exotic animals. Exotic animals need the same level of care as dogs and cats, which is why Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital helps treat animals of all kinds with a high standard of care. So, if you live in Logan, UT, and have an exotic pet, give our office a call and see how our veterinary staff can help provide you with exotic animal care.

Exotic Animal Care

Exotic animal care is not limited to the practice of treating wildlife or zoo animals. Exotic animal care now extends to the duties of local animal hospital veterinarians, including vaccinations, surgery, and emergency care. In addition, the increased popularity of exotic animals has led to more advanced techniques to help veterinarians diagnose and treat all kinds of animals.

Exotic Animal Care from Rabbits to Reptiles

Everything from rabbits to guinea pigs and birds to reptiles needs specialized treatment. These animals require a specialized veterinarian with knowledge of each one. Since exotic animals tend to hide symptoms much longer than canine and feline patients, it is sometimes difficult to diagnose problems with an exotic pet. Our exotic vet's extensive knowledge, along with unique tests, helps diagnose and treat exotic pets of all kinds.

Learn More About Our Exotic Animal Care Services

Our veterinarian staff at Bridgerland-Cache Animal Hospital knows how much you love your pet and are ready to help reflect that love in our animal hospital. If you are looking for a veterinarian to care for your exotic pet in Logan, UT, we are ready to assist you. Call us today at (435) 752-2151 for more information or to schedule an appointment.