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Lameness in Horses

Are you an equestrian with a horse? Owning a horse comes with a lot of responsibility, including taking care of the animal’s health needs. Horse lameness is a medical condition that causes a change in a horse’s gait. Lameness is a condition that interferes with an animal’s limbs, resulting in difficulty walking, moving, or even standing. Horses are particularly famous for their long legs and bold strides in movement, so lameness is an especially harsh problem to deal with for these animals.

What can you do if you have a horse that has developed lameness? Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital in Logan, UT, is here to answer your questions about this condition.

What Causes Lameness in Horses?

Common causes of horse lameness include trauma, infection, metabolic disorder, nervous system disease, blood disease, or congenital disorder. While there are some cases where the horse will not be able to recover, in many cases, a horse can make a full recovery with the right medical care. It just takes a visit to your local veterinarian to check for treatment options.

Treatment Options for Horse Lameness

Medication is a popular and effective treatment plan for many horses with lameness; drugs like Bute or Equinox are particularly effective at reducing cases of chronic pain and inflammation. Because these drugs come with side effects, the supervision of a veterinarian is required. There are also corrective exercises available for trainers to try out on their horses, similar to human physical therapy.

Call About Horse Lameness Treatment in Logan Today

Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital is a veterinary care center based in Logan, UT, that has been serving the community since 1949. We specialize in treating a wide variety of animals, including horses. Our veterinarian team is dedicated to providing quality animal care through the best treatment options available.

If you are caring for a horse that is in need, we can take care of him or her through our top-notch veterinary services. Are you interested in scheduling an appointment with us? Contact the Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital at 435-752-2151 today to speak with a member of our team. We’re happy to provide top-notch treatment for your horse.