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Pet Dental Care

One of the most common issues that go unnoticed in pets is dental disease. Ignored dental disease in pets can lead to tooth loss, bone erosion, and severe pain. Pets with dental diseases also experience a wide range of health problems. Our veterinarians at Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital in Logan provide dental services for the pet community. If you are unsure what kind of dental care your dog or cat needs, we can help your furry friend maintain a healthy and bright smile.

Pet Dental Diseases Are Preventable

Dental cleanings with a veterinarian are the best way to prevent dental disease in your pet. Each pet has different dental care needs, with some pets being more prone to disease than others. For example, senior cats may require exams twice per year to determine if a dental cleaning is needed. Preventing dental diseases in your pet can save you money in the long run. When you take care of your pet's teeth, you are helping it live a healthier life without dental pain.

Pet Dental Cleanings

When your pet comes in for a cleaning, our vet will place him under anesthesia. This helps us remove plaque and tartar safely, without causing your animal stress. In addition to removing plaque, our vet will polish your pet's teeth and check for dental infections. We will discuss removing any decayed teeth as needed.

Cleanings are effective for reducing the symptoms of gum disease. If your pet has an infection, he may require dental extractions. Extractions can be more costly than a dental cleaning. In severe cases, your pet's bone structure, kidneys, heart, or liver may also get damaged due to the spread of disease throughout the body.

Schedule Your Pet’s Dental Checkup in Logan, UT

Does your pet need a dental cleaning or routine checkup? Your pet does not have to live with dental pain. Our veterinarians at Bridgerland Cache Animal Hospital will help your pet get the care he needs to live a pain-free life. Call our team today at (435) 752-2151 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.